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I’ve worked in various “giving” roles for the majority of my career.

I volunteered and worked with children a lot before I got into teacher’s college and from there, I’ve been involved in a variety of different professional roles, from teacher, to social worker and advocate, to personal suppor worker and back into education working with individuals who were in conflict with the law.
While these were all roles that brought me a great deal of fulfillment and meaning, as someone who never took the time to look after myself, they were also roles that eventually wore me down in entirety.
In June of 2017, my health both mental and physical had reached such a point of deterioration that I put a pause on my professional life to try to recalibrate, heal and ultimately recover from what I soon learned was a mixture of burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious second-hand trauma.
While the act of stopping was a positive one, I had no real plan other than to slow down.  I was (and still am) fortunate enough to know Ian, and he was able to provide an immense amount of guidance, direction and assistance in my own path to recovery.  Ian helped me better understand that self-care and investing in myself are not selfish acts, in the common understanding and application of that word.  In order to be able to help and contribute-something that is in my nature to do-I had to get back to a place of personal health and well being.
With Ian’s guidance, I have not only learned how to replenish my energy stores, but also how to prevent those stores from reaching the extreme deficit they were in.
I have a better understanding of how my interactions with the world at large can shift my energy, and I have developed an entirely new perspective on the idea of giving from an empty cup.
Ian’s method of teaching and how he shares his knowledge is not only incredibly effective but also very accessible and approachable.  There is a unique authenticity and sincerity in how Ian teaches and interacts with others and his passion for helping to improve the quality of life of those he works with is powerful.
I’ve been fortunate enough to have gone through a shorter version of Ian’s Healthy Healing Transformational Journey, and the information that was shared there was such a great starting point, that I eagerly signed up for the 9 month program that Ian has just launched.
I would encourage anyone who is in a healing position, whether that be a teacher, a social worker, or someone who helps others and cares for them to take a look into Ian’s program.  Had I known about the foundations and teachings of it years ago, I might have been able to be more proactive with my health.
Better late than never.
To be able to continue working with Ian is something I am so grateful for, and my excitement for the next 9 month program and journey is palpable.

With Love,

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