The Hidden Treasure

Ian has been a source of tremendous insight and has helped me understand and make sense of a lot of what I have been going through.  From some of our first conversations, Ian has discussed and shared various insights from a text that he has studied and continuously references, called Total Biology.  Admittedly, when Ian first began explaining Total Biology to me and tried to help me understand how I could shift my perspective and understanding of my own healing and recovery, I often pulled this face:

After a year and a half, and some connections that have made a lot of sense, I am beginning to be more open to listening to the various cues I get from my physical health.  It’s still incredibly challenging to listen to these cues and act upon them-or rather stop and allow my body the rest it needs-but my understanding and awareness is increasing.  As Ian and I have shared some very profound and lengthy conversations around listening to cues, I thought it would be fitting to allow him a voice here, so here he is:

Everything happens for a specific reason. Everything has a purpose, or dharma. Unfortunately, as imperfect know-it-all human beings, we tend to keep most aspects of our lives superficial and thus, we miss the deeper meaning in what surrounds and affects us.

The car accident was not really an accident. The Laws of Nature are not really laws. And that extra layer of fat that seems to have inauspiciously appeared on specific body parts is not really inexplicable.

A sure way to confirm this premise is with our own body and health. The word we often fear the most, disease, is actually holding a deeper message in itself — a ‘dis-ease’ is a signal that some element of our life is defective, or out of alignment. It is not a global warning that a bug, which can be killed with some commercial disinfectant spray, is invading our workplace. There is a deeper message offered to us, here.

Everything that happens to our body — a cold, an accident, a life-threatening condition, a cancer, a blocked artery, even a sunburn — contains a message for us that we ought to listen to. If we don’t, it will continue to return in increasingly more intense ways until we finally listen. Some of us wait too long or never even end up listening.

A cold does have something to do with an airborne bug/virus that attacks everyone. But, why doesn’t everyone get the cold? How does the bug choose who to infect? And why does a wave of cold symptoms hit a lot of people right after a period where we, as a society, massively disrespect our bodies? Think January flu season after three weeks of Christmas binging and partying.

The deeper message offered to us is this: mismanagement of stress = disease.

Stress is Life. Without any of it, your electro-cardiogram readings would not be very lively. If the body would not sustain any stress, we would loose our muscle and bone mass.  When we generate too much stress-so much that we can’t fully manage it anymore, we get ill. Our brain, whose sole function is to keep us alive, transforms whatever psychological stress we can’t manage into a physical stress we call ‘disease’. Then, we get the related hints of what is really going on in the form of symptoms.

At this point, we have two choices: we either mask the symptoms with chemical solutions, coming straight from the very profitable pharmaceutical industry, or we stop and listen for the deeper message. Sometimes, the choice is easy. Most of the time, our decisions are clouded by accessibility and pain. We end up choosing to numb that pain now, hoping that we will not suffer too much later. After all, we have other things to do.

When we choose to listen to the deeper message, we always find the true meaning in our circumstances. When we decide to stop, sit uncomfortably in the pain and listen, the hidden treasure of the real purpose of our situation is revealed. It is with that newfound knowledge that we can really appreciate and transcend this disease — yes, I wrote appreciate.

A cold happens to let us know we are overtaxing our body and need to take it easy for a little while. If we don’t listen or respect that message, the simple cold upgrades into  full-blown pneumonia in order to constrain us to our bed. Then, we literally have to stop and relax.

A headache tells us that we think too much, causing inflammation to the outside membrane of the brain. We are literally overheating our thought process. If we don’t change our mental state by focusing on a lighter subject, the tiny headache bursts into a major migraine, which incapacitates us to the point of not being able to function. Then, again, we have to stop and relax.

A lack of appetite suggests that our relationship to food is less than optimal. We may be going through an emotional period and focusing on the rehabilitation of an outside relationship, hence the temporary disinterest in food. Or, since food sustains our body’s functions, we may think that we don’t deserve food because we didn’t work (out) for it. The invitation to reconnect with food in a new way is openly present for us.

That extra fat I referenced earlier, lodging itself on specific body parts, is showing us what we feel we need to protect. Bulging midsection? We hide our gut feelings, our emotions, so others won’t see our vulnerability. Big bum? We rely on our past accomplishments so much that we barely seize new opportunities — we ‘sit on it’. Absence of fat? We protect ourselves by trying to disappear. Biologically, our body holds onto fat to store toxins. Psychologically, we store what we think could hurt us in those fat cells — emotions, opportunities,  and toxins.

Everything we experience has a deeper meaning. It is up to us to seek it out to be able to create the life we really want.

Or we can continue to blame outside elements for our inner sufferings.

It’s our choice.

Either way, the premise is the same: everything happens for a specific reason. Everything has a purpose. Health being what we seek, disease should be what we listen to.

Much Love, my Friend!


With Love,

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